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        Castellbisbal: an undiscovered past

        There are barely 30 kilometres between Barcelona and the small village of Castellbisbal, with just over 12,000 inhabitants, but it's like a world apart: from the madness of the city you will pass through the absolute tranquillity of this former agricultural centre which, with the arrival of industrialisation, has adapted to the new times.  

        However, before machines invaded everything, Castellbisbal had already been chosen by ancient civilisations. In fact, settlements are known to have existed in the area since prehistoric times, although the earliest archaeological remains found there date back to Roman times - that's nothing! 

        Would you like to discover what gems this little town in the province of Barcelona has to offer? We'll tell you about it, don't worry. But we do want you to know one thing: you will be surprised. 

        Want to discover a unique place just a hop, skip and a jump from Barcelona? Stay at our hotel in Castellbisbal

        Although at first glance, because of its size, you might think that Castellbisbal doesn't have many attractions, stop for a second and think: the beginning of its name is "castle", which should give you a clue...  




        Put on your boots and discover the nature around our hotel in Castellbisbal

        What, we started to delve into its heritage precisely because of that old building? Or, should we say, for what is left of it, because in the Serrat de les Garses, where the small chapel of Sant Vicenç stands, what you can see are the remains of the foundations of the old castle and the odd bit of wall. The hermitage, by the way, was the first religious building in the area and was built in the 15th century.  

        But there is more to see in Castellbisbal, take our advice: one of its monumental emblems is the Devil's Bridge, listed as a national cultural site. A large 120-metre-long bridge of Gothic design that linked the two banks of the Llobregat River.  

        Just a few steps from Castellbisbal end of the bridge you will also come across the Triumphal Arch, a large structure from the 1st century BC that was the gateway to the marvellous building.  

        But if you feel like strolling around our hotel without going too far from the city centre, you can visit the Masía de Can Pedrerol de Baix, with its spectacular façade, or the Parish Church of San Vicente, which dates back to the 16th century. Its apse and vaults are Gothic in style, while the side arcades and façade are neo-classical.  

        A perfect last stop before returning to the natural environment, which is also not to be missed. Are you coming?  

        It's time to stretch your legs, don't you think? And the best thing is that you are in luck: very close to our hotel in Castellbisbal there are numerous hiking trails that will allow you, in just a few minutes, to lose yourself among the most inspiring landscapes. After all, this is part of the way to discover a destination. 

        So take your pick from any of the seven marked itineraries to cover a large part of the territory surrounding Castellbisbal. One of them is the vineyard huts, which will take you 2.7 kilometres back to the village's agricultural past.  

        The Can Ametller Way, meanwhile, stretches 6.5 kilometres round trip and will take you to one of the most surprising places in the area: the columbaria, small cavities cut into the clay dating from between the 1st and 4th centuries, which were used for group burials and cremations.  

        A final, slightly longer option - 11 kilometres in total - will take you to follow the Llobregat river and the Morral stream. A great activity from which you can then recover by resting in our hotel in Castellbisbal.  

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