Kalma Sitges

Personal training sessions at Sercotel Kalma Sitges

The KOA Centre coaches will design a training plan tailored to you

Can you imagine keeping up your training routine as you enjoy a view of the Mediterranean? Whether you’re a hotel guest or you live nearby, you can enjoy the personalised training service provided by the KOA team at the Sercotel Kalma Sitges. They organise sessions suited to your goals on the hotel’s rooftop terrace. 

It must feel nice to train like this, mustn’t it? Make it happen by booking your first appointment with a KOA expert now.

What training plans can KOA offer you?
  • Training plans for medium and long-term goals



Book a free initial interview with the KOA team to enable them to analyse your situation and create a fully personalised training routine or one combining training and nutrition.




Individual training sessions: starting at €61 per session.

Training sessions for couples: starting at €40 per person per session.

Training sessions for groups of 3 or 4 people: starting at €35 per person per session.

One-off personal training sessions

​​​​​​If you’re just passing through, you can try a one-off training session. Check the trainers’ availability and book one session or a pack of 5 or 10 to keep up to speed while you’re away from home.




Individual training sessions:

1 session: €85

A pack of 5 sessions: €400

A pack of 10 sessions: €775


Training as a couple:

1 session: €110

A pack of 5 sessions: €500

A pack of 10 sessions: €950



Training timetable


The timetable for the personal training service at the Sercotel Kalma Stiges is from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

About KOA

KOA is a renowned multi-disciplinary behavioural change centre that boasts over 15 years’ experience. It employs personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, physiotherapists, doctors and psychologists at the service of a single goal: to accompany people on the path towards a healthier life.

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