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        Hotels in Cazorla (1)

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        Cazorla: the place where the sea is made of olive trees

        Whitewashed houses with gabled roofs, cobbled streets, a castle perched on the rocks and the promise of endless nature are the calling card that will attract you to Cazorla.  

        The Castillo de Yedra will catch your attention as soon as you arrive. It's impossible not to notice it. Impregnable and austere, it does not need to display much filigree because it was built as a fortress and not as a residence for lords. You will certainly appreciate its architectural crudeness, which blends in perfectly with the colour of the surrounding nature.  

        Inside, you will find the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs of the Upper Guadalquivir. Farming tools and pottery remains have been collected here, models of farmhouses and oil mills have been created and even a cazorleña kitchen has been built. All so that you can understand what life was like in this area some time ago.  

        At the foot of the castle, you will come across the Ruins of Santa Maria, what remains of a church surrounded by unknowns. It is known that it had a Renaissance style, that it was built on the Cerezuelo river, forcing it to be channelled, and that the flood of 1694 put an end to the possibilities of completing it.  

        If you like mysteries, this is your place on Earth. Question. Try to find out when construction started, who the architect was or where the money came from. For the time being, we add another certainty to the list: it is currently used for performances and concerts. 

        Follow the slope downwards, going through the houses of Cazorla that unfold on a slope, as if they were trying to reach the castle. When you least expect it, you will arrive at our hotel in Cazorla village. We are at the entrance to the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park. 


        A day in nature feels better if it ends in our hotel in Cazorla with swimming pool

        You may come to Cazorla attracted by its quiet life or the beauty of the town, but the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Parkprobably has something to do with your trip .  

        When you enter, you will be in the largest protectedarea in Spain. Namely: landscapes composed of steep rock faces, deep valleys and pine forests, and water in the form of reservoirs and rivers. This is the source of, for example, the Segura and the Guadalquivir.   

        This park can be discovered on foot. There are many trails, but we particularly like the one that leads to the Fuente del Oso and the Puente de las Herrerías. In some sections, you'll think you're in a fairy tale.  

        If you decide to visit us in one of those months when the heat is really hot, when you come back from the park you'll be looking forward to a dip in the water. If it is in our charming hotel in Cazorla, all the better.  


        Come with the whole family and stay in our hotel in Cazorla to go with children

        Cazorla is a place for light travellers. You will enjoy their excited faces when they discover that they are about to enter a castle or their surprised gestures when you explain that the sea can also be made of olive trees and that the proof is in the views you have in front of you.  

        You will walk along the water of the river Cerezuelo, which bathes this municipality, and you will walk inside the vault that was built to bury it under the Church of Santa María.  

        An adventure in which you will want your best friend to accompany you. No problem for us: at our dog-friendly hotel in Cazorla, we will treat you like one of the family. 

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