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        Huelva , Andalusia's hidden treasure

        In the shadow of other monumental Andalusian cities, such as Seville, Cordoba and Granada, Huelva opens its doors, friendly and hospitable, to travellers who wish to discover it. 

        Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, Huelva is a city that has a lot to offer you. From its excellent gastronomy - with exquisite raw materials from the sea and the vegetable garden - to a pleasant boat trip along the Huelva estuary at sunset, passing through the very interesting traces that Christopher Columbus left in a city that was vital in the logistics and preparation of his adventure to discover the New World. 

        In Huelva's restaurants you will find delicacies such as white prawns, Jabugo ham, choco con patatas (pork with potatoes) or tasty strawberries. 

        Our hotels in Huelva with parking will also allow you to take the car to discover a province that offers magnificent beaches, natural parks, the ancient mines of Riotinto and charming villages full of traditions, such as Almonte and the village of El Rocío. 

        Following the Ruta Colombina from our hotel in Huelva city

        Huelva was an extremely important part of those first steps that marked one of the most important feats in history: the discovery of America.  

        Staying at our hotel in Huelva, you can embark on an exciting adventure route that will take you to discover the Huelva of the time of the company of Columbus. 

        A good place to start is the Monastery of La Rábida. This Franciscan monastery, completed in the early 15th century, was the place where Christopher Columbus went to expound his idea of the voyage and the roundness of the Earth.  



        Our hotels in Huelva, the ideal base to discover a magnificent province

        His plan was shrewd, as the guardian of the monastery, Friar Juan Pérez, held the privileged position of personal confessor to Queen Isabella the Catholic. The rest is literally history. 

        The guided tour brings you closer to these important events, as well as showing you a monumental building in which monks of the Franciscan order still live. 

        At the Muelle de las Carabelas you will feel your skin crawl, as there are three faithful replicas of the Pinta, the Niña and the Santa María, the three vessels used to embark on this uncertain voyage. As you enter to explore them, you will wonder how so many people were able to travel for so long in such a small space.  

        Another visit on the route, ideal for families, is the José Celestino Mutis Botanical Park, created in 1993 and featuring flora from all five continents. 

        Finally, the great Monument to the Discovering Faith is a 37-metre statue that was donated by the United States and now stands beside the waters of the Tinto River. 

        River Tinto, and its beautiful old mines, is one of the attractions you can visit if you stay in our hotels in Huelva province.  

        Dd you know that it was the English who opened the mine that brought football to Spain? Of course, that's why the oldest team in Spanish football is Recreativo de Huelva. 

        If you like nature, the magnificent Sierra de Aracena offers you an endless number of trails that lead you into magical landscapes. The Doñana Natural Park is not far behind either, with more than 300 different species of birds that create a paradise for ornithologists. 

        The beaches of the Costa de la Luz - such as those of El Rompido or Islantilla (very suitable for families) - will give you the chance to relax and unwind in the sun.  

        You will find little relaxation, but a lot of tradition, in the village of El Rocío during the days of the year when its famous pilgrimage is celebrated. A Huelva experience that you have to live at least once in your life.  

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