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        Pamplona: much more than bulls and running of the bulls

        We're not going to deny it: if there's one thing the capital of Navarre has that makes it famous all over the world, it's its San Fermín fiesta. OK, we accept it. But what if we told you that, beyond the famous Chupinazo and the running of the bulls, Pamplona has countless other attractions?  

        Because the capital of the Reyno is home to centuries of history epitomised by its ancient city wall, which hugs the old part of the city for no less than 5 kilometres: this jewel of the Renaissance is considered a National Monument.  

        The walls of St. Mary's Cathedral, with its elegant neoclassical exterior and Gothic interior, or its atmospheric shopping streets, can also tell you a lot. Even its parks, such as the Ciudadela or the Taconera Gardens: yes indeed, Pamplona is also green, or what did you think?  

        Do you want to know everything about the San Fermin festival?

        It's time to talk about what's important: visiting Pamplona and discovering everything about its most international event is definitely a must. Even more so, of course, if you do it during the week of July when the Navarrese capital is transformed into a fiesta.  


        Hoteles en Pamplona

        Discover the most enjoyable side of the city by staying at our hotel in Pamplona city centre

        And to enjoy all this, there is nothing better than staying at our hotel in Pamplona. We happen to be in the Plaza del Castillo, the epicentre of the city, precisely the place where the Town Hall is located, famous because from its balcony the famous chupinazo (firework display) is launched to start the fiesta. 

        A stroll through the old quarter will take you to key places such as the street Calle Estafeta, where spirits are at fever pitch during the running of the bulls, or Mercaderes corner, the most controversial part of the route.  

        There is also the image of San Fermín, which nestles in a niche in the Cuesta de Santo Domingo: it is here that the people of Pamplona all sing together "A San Fermín pedimos..." (From San Fermín we ask...).  

        While you're there, you can take a look at the chapel dedicated to the saint, have your photo taken in front of the Monument to the Running of the Bulls or take a guided tour of the bullring. You'll end up being a real expert on the holiday.  

        Don't forget to leave time for a stroll through the art galleries hidden in the narrow streets of the old town. You'll also come across the odd craft and design shop. Take our advice: slow down and stop, you never know what treasures you might find.  

        Take a stroll through the Museum of Navarre and Pamplona's Gothic churches, such as San Nicolás and San Saturnino. See the Royal Palace and its modern remodelling thanks to the talent of Rafael Moneo. Remember that Pamplona is also part of the Pilgrims' Route to Santiago de Compostela: at its interpretation centre you can find out all about the history of the saint and the pilgrims.  

        And eat: don't stop eating. Because that is a large part of the essence of Pamplona. So do as the locals do, who like to go out with a group of friends to enjoy life and have a feast or two: trying their pinchos, a temptation for everyone who visits their bars, is sacred.  

        Whether you opt for the Michelin stars or the bar on the corner, try its famous garroticos pastries and say hi to Hemingway at the legendary Café Iruña. Ah! And go to the Santo Domingo Market, the oldest in Pamplona, where you can buy a few small pots of asparagus or some piquillo peppers to take home. This way you will continue to feel Pamplona close to you. 

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