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        Hotels in Palencia (1)

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        Palencia: the unknown beauty of Castile and Leon

        Palencia is one of those cities that plays at leaving something to the imagination. You probably know that it is the cradle of European Romanesque architecture, you may know something about its Holy Week and a little, but not much, about a thing called the Canal de Castilla.  

        And we still haven't asked you about its cathedral, which sometimes seems to be overshadowed by its neighbours in the other cities of Castile and Leon, but which, imposing and robust, has no reason to envy them. It’s a good thing that you have not yet visited Palencia, because now you are going to experience the thrill of discovering it.  

        Stay at our hotel in Palencia centre to discover the capital of the river Carrión

        Whether you come for business or pleasure, in our hotel in Palencia we will have everything ready to welcome you. Our recommendations too. There's nothing like insider tips to help you discover a city.  


        Hoteles en Palencia

        Our hotel in Palencia, the best base camp to discover its gastronomy

        Palencia is synonymous with Romanesque architecture. If you like church and monastery tourism, you’ve come to the right place. Start at the Hermitage of San Juan Bautista, located in the Huerta de Guadián Park, which houses the Romanesque Information Point; continue to the Provincial Archaeological Museum, the Diocesan Museum and, lastly, the Cathedral... and if that's not enough for you, you can always take a look at the rest of the province. 

        We can tell you that Palencia is not just about Romanesque architecture. The Gothic also has something to say.  

        Did you know that Palencia Cathedral is the third largest in Spain, after Seville and Toledo? It is nicknamed the "beautiful unknown" and so, therefore, is Palencia. It houses works of art by El Greco, Juan de Flandes and Pedro Berruguete, who, by the way, is from Palencia, born in Paredes de Nava!  

        Don't leave without visiting the Crypt of San Antolin (patron saint of Palencia), admiring the main altar or finding the photographer's gargoyle on its façade. 

        If you are a nature lover, Palencia also has something for you. You'll be pleased to know that the Canal de Castilla passes through here and that you can travel along it on foot, by bike or by boat!  

        To find this great work as it passes through the city of Palencia, we recommend that you go to the Dock to begin a leisurely stroll along this branch.  

        One last secret: the best views of Palencia can be admired from the Cerro del Otero, crowned by the sculpture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by the artist Victorio Macho. At its feet, you will find a hermitage where the Interpretation Centre of this sculptor from Palencia is located. 

        You can't leave Palencia without trying the traditional Castilian soup or the menestra palentina. The city’s garden supplies her with seasonal produce and this is reflected in her recipes. That is why ratatouille is another of its classic dishes.  

        The famous suckling lamb, lamb chops, black pudding, river trout, quail, partridge, hare and rabbit, as well as its famous pulses, complete the bill of fare.  

        We will give you the expert tip if you come during Carnival, when you have to try our hojuelas; or also for San Marcos, on 25 April. This is when you will eat the tasty local snails. We have a list of restaurants to visit. We told you about the rosquillas de palo at Easter.  

        Well, have we convinced you? Now you only need to book our hotel in Palencia to discover this beautiful unknown city! 

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