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        Hotels in Albacete (1)

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        Albacete: a place that surprises all travellers

        Albacete is a city that tends to go unnoticed in the national travel scene. Almost everyone knows its knives, but little else. However, we encourage you to stay at our hotel in Albacete centre to see for yourself that this city of La Mancha hides many interesting secrets and, above all, offers an extraordinary hospitality to its visitors. 


        Albacete has a vibrant atmosphere, with an important movement of business tourism, attractive shopping streets, a varied and tasty gastronomy, parks, museums and, above all, a great taste for outdoor life and leisure in the bars. A great proof of the latter is the Albacete Fair. Declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, its eleven days will challenge your commitment to the festival. Being on your feet from the beginning to the end of the Fair is not for everyone! 

        Do you know the Albacete Fair? Our hotel in Albacete is the perfect base

        The fact that personalities such as Constantino Romero, José Luis Cuerda or Joaquín Reyes have announced the opening of the Albacete Fair, gives you an idea of the scale of this event. But only that: an idea. Because nothing prepares you to assimilate the accumulation of emotions that awaits you in Albacete, every year, between the 7th and the 17th of September. The Fair is held in honour of the Virgen de los Llanos, patron saint of the city, but once you pass the gate that gives access to the Fairgrounds, popularly known as 'La Sartén', the religious aspect is relegated to a very secondary level.  


        Hoteles en Albacete

        You will feel at home in our hotel in Albacete capital

        In 'La Sartén' you will find entertainment for all audiences. Children will be able to learn in the craft workshops or have fun on the traditional fairground rides. The young - and not so young - will be able to enjoy the classic Miguelitos de La Roda cakes washed down with cider and mojitos. Drinks and dancing will follow. The party can continue in the tent area until dawn. To hold out until that moment, you will have to get your strength back with "healthy" portions of lomo de orza, oreja, rabo frito, chorizos or morcillas, which are so happily consumed at the Feria de Albacete. Better leave the gym and the diet for October! 


        Concerts, sporting events, parades and cultural events complete the offer of one of the best festivals in Spain. To experience it to the full, the best thing to do is to leave your car behind and stay at our hotel in the centre of Albacete, located 10 minutes walk from the fairgrounds. If you love the outdoors and culture, you will find both pleasures in the Abelardo Sánchez Park, the green lung of the city, which also houses the Archaeology Museum. Next to it is our hotel in Albacete. 


        In the old water tanks, the Depósito del Sol, you can visit the city's most original library, while the Circo theatre is a historic venue for all kinds of cultural expression. If you're a shopaholic, you can't miss Pasaje Lodares, a shopping and residential gallery, covered in glass and iron and lined with Renaissance statues. It looks like something out of the streets of Milan or Rome. 


        The Plaza del Altozano is the nerve centre and monumental heart of Albacete, while having a drink in the bars of the area - with the streets Concepción and Tejares as the stars of the show - is the best way to celebrate that we're seeing you here again. 

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