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        Toledo: the city that always surprises

        Toledo is known as the city of the three cultures because Jews, Christians and Muslims passed through here. So did El Greco, Bécquer and Paco de Lucía. Oh, and C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso. They all left their mark and now it's up to you to discover it. Yes, Ateo's videoclip is the latest, and you don't need to come to Toledo to see it. You do, however, need to come to enter the Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo, where it was filmed.


        Inside you will understand that the spectacle lies in its Gothic style and in the works it houses, such as El Expolio, by El Greco, and not in a bachata session. Outside, when you look at it from the Town Hall square, you will ask yourself the same question as always: How were they able to construct such buildings?


        It will happen more than once as you walk through Toledo's old town, which boasts surprises, stories and curiosities in almost every one of its cobbled streets. The best way to make the most of your visit is to stay in one of our hotels in the city of Toledo. We always tell you the same thing: make yourself comfortable, we will take care of your recommendations at reception.


        3 must-sees are the Museum of Santa Cruz in Toledo, which houses artistic and archaeological treasures that tell the story of the region. Nearby, the Church of Santo Tomé houses the masterpiece "The Burial of the Count of Orgaz" by El Greco, while the imposing Puerta de Bisagra, a medieval vestige, stands as a monumental portal that transports visitors through the centuries of splendor of this Spanish city.

        Looking for a plus on your trip? Stay in our charming hotels in Toledo

        Can you imagine waking up at dawn with a view of the Cathedral? Or sleeping next to the Alcazar? The Alcázar is renowned for its distinctive Mudejar, Renaissance, and Gothic architectural elements and played a significant role in Spanish history, serving as a royal residence and a military stronghold during different periods. One of our hotels in Toledo city is located next to this building, whose rectilinear profile, with four towers, is one of the most outstanding when the city is seen from the Mirador del Valle viewpoint, with the Tagus flowing at its feet.


        Hoteles en Toledo

        Don't miss a thing thanks to our hotels in the historic centre

        From this point you will have the best views of the city. It's on the outskirts, but you can take a pleasant stroll there. Cross the Alcantara Bridge and start walking. You won't need a car on this trip. You can park it in our hotels in Toledo with parking.


        Believe us, Toledo's narrow streets are for walking, not driving. How else could you discover the undergrounds of Toledo? Or learn about legends such as the she-devil? Nor would you know that in the Plaza de Zocodover, which serves as a meeting point for many of the city's gatherings, executions, autos de fe, markets and festivities used to take place.


        Toledo is a city of surprises. You would expect nothing less from a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It inherits them from a turbulent past and reaps the benefits of them in the present. If you don't trust us, try visiting the Church of San Vicente. Here we no longer listen to masses, now what we hear is music and what we contemplate are exhibitions. It was deconsecrated in 1842 and is now the headquarters of the Círculo de Arte de Toledo.


        Need more proof? In Toledo, for example, you can fly over the Tagus. On a zip line. Yes, 200 metres between the two banks in 30 seconds. Pure adrenaline that we don't know who will enjoy the most: You or the children? Because what we do know is that families like to come to Toledo and, so that no one stays at home, neither your pets.


        Keep strolling, there's more to come. In Toledo city centre you'll discover mosques and synagogues; you won't be able to avoid buying boxes of marzipan to take home and, when you ask us why there are so many shop windows with swords, we'll tell you that this is a city of swordsmen. They do their job so well that even Lord of the Rings turned to them to forge their weaponry. It turns out that Toledo was also a city of elves, orcs and hobbits.



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