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        Hotels in Ciudad Real (1)

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        Ciudad Real: discovering that you haven't seen everything

        Ciudad Real is a pearl to be discovered. It is a friendly and comfortable city that will welcome you with open arms. On weekends, it is also a pleasure to make your way through the good atmosphere of its streets, which the locals take over for tapas, sitting out on the café terraces, and whatever else comes up! 

        Here it is customary to serve a pincho with every drink, and the best ones are served around the Plaza Mayor, where you will be fascinated by the singular architecture of the Town Hall and the Torreón.  

        It is also still popular to go shopping in the local shops - most of them have not lost their timeless essence - so you will find a small but lively town. 

        As it is flat and manageable, it is best to stay in the centre and not need a car to get to know it. You can do so at the Sercotel Guadiana, an elegant four-star hotel with a swimming pool! Within walking distance, you will reach the Plaza del Prado, where the city's biggest events are held 

        It is a very important place for the people of Ciudad Real, as it is home to the Cathedral, the Casino, the Provincial Museum and the López Villaseñor Museum. The latter is a beautiful manor house typical of La Mancha which houses works by the painter.  

        Other must-sees include the former Convent of La Merced, now the Museum of Contemporary Art; the modernist building that houses the Provincial Council; and, of course, monumental landmarks such as the Puerta de Toledo, the only remaining part of the Royal Alcazar of Ciudad Real. 

        Of course, you can't leave without enjoying the Don Quixote Museum and the Cervantes Library, which demonstrates the close ties between the famous work and the city. 

        Windmills, classical theatre and enchanting villages in Ciudad Real

        Ciudad Real still boasts many of the windmills that Cervantes' character made famous. You can reach them by following the Route of the Mills of La Mancha, which stops in towns such as Herencia or Campo de Criptana. There, as well as these 'giants', you can enjoy interesting examples of popular and religious architecture, in the form of beautiful churches, convents and hermitages. 

        Ciudad Real is also home to Almagro, whose historic centre is a historic-artistic site and hosts the famous International Classical Theatre Festival; Puertollano, the perfect place to go for tapas like a king; and Valdepeñas, capital of some of the best wines in Spain. 


        Ciudad Real

        And don't let the heat of La Mancha scare you: our hotel in Ciudad Real with swimming pool has the s

        Another of the most characteristic landscapes of Ciudad Real is the region of Campo de Montiel, a land of olive trees, almond trees and game, dotted with picturesque villages, such as San Carlos del Valle and Villanueva de los Infantes.  

        Ciudad Real has no fewer than two different National Parks. The first, the Tablas de Daimiel, is the last representative of an ecosystem known as fluvial tables, which were formed by the overflowing of the Guadiana and Gigüela rivers. Today, it is an important wintering, roosting and nesting area for numerous birds. 

        The second is Cabañeros, nicknamed by many as the Spanish 'Serengeti' due to its resemblance to the African savannah... and the many species that inhabit it, including the black vulture and the Iberian lynx. Visit it in autumn, when the deer rutting season begins. 

        Further south, you may find happiness in the beautiful Ruidera Lagoons, Ciudad Real's Natural Park famous for its photogenic lakes connected by waterfalls and streams.  

        However, when it comes to cooling off, in the capital of the province we have a must for the whole family: Playa Park not only has water attractions, but also restaurants, a discotheque and a large ball park open all year round. You can’t beat it! 


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