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        Alava, a respite for the senses

        This province hides great secrets. Whether it's your first time or your twentieth, Alava will always have something to surprise you. Don't you believe us? We have the evidence.  

        Alava is a land of enchanting and, why not, enchanted places. Try your hand at exploring the exuberant nature that reaches impossible heights of beauty at the viewpoints and on the trails of the Izki Nature Reserve.  

        The Valderejo Nature Reserve, with its steep slopes that seem impossible to climb, and the Gorbeia Nature Reserve, whose Goiuri waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, are also worth a visit.  

        We are also going to tell you about the inland beaches, in case you fancy a dip in the Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir one day. We would also encourage you to sunbathe, although in the north, you know... In return you have a green environment that will get you irremediably hooked.  

        Put on your boots, you can discover this province on its trails. Take note, because here you can follow the interesting Iron Belt and Smugglers' Route, which starts at the sanctuary of Santa María del Yermo, in Llodio.  

        However, you may be interested in having on your radar the coordinates of one of the great ones: the Ignatian Way, created on the basis of the route that Ignatius of Loyola made between Azpeitia and Manresa in 1522. 

        A visit to Vitoria, the capital of Alava

        Vitoria, in the heart of the province of Alava, is a friendly and accessible city. You'll see that everything is close by here, including that 'Green Ring' you've heard so much about.  

        This is a circular route around the capital that you can easily cover on foot or by bike. Here you will find large parks, such as Salburua. Open your eyes because those lagoons you see are real. The birds you will see, too. Yes, in the same city. And yes, a delight for children.  

        Vitoria is not short of treasures. To see for yourself, take a walk through the Almendra Medieval Quarter, the name given to the city's historic centre because of its oval shape.  

        The Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria is located there. Its beauty is such that millions of visitors have already marvelled at its filigree workmanship. The fact that Ken Follet was inspired by it for his famous work The Pillars of the Earth will probably make you look at it with even more interest.  

        Once you leave it behind, you'll start strolling through some of the city's oldest streets: Cuchillería, Herrería and Correría. 

        Are you staying over? Of course, what a question. At the Sercotel Boulevard Vitoria Hotel, we have everything ready for you to recharge your batteries after a day exploring the wonders of Alava. Moreover, if you are coming on business, we can tell you that we are very close to the Palacio de Congresos de Vitoria. 


        The gastronomy of Alava, well worth a trip

        The province of Alava is also a gastronomic destination. We are not revealing the truth if we tell you that the Basque Country is a great place to eat. But, of course, the value they place on the product in this province is such that they have even created a route for their cheese dairies and a museum for honey. It is located in the town of Murgia and, among other things, you will learn how this delicacy is made in the Gorbeia area. Nature and gastronomy united. Our dream. 

        The wines of the region are also famous, especially those produced in La Rioja Alavesa. The wineries of Elciego or Laguardia are waiting to serve you on a platter those wines with which to toast this and future trips.  

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