Las Palmas

Las Palmas

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        Las Palmas: the eternal springtime exists

        Eternal spring exists, with short breaks for summer, but it exists. It is in Las Palmas and on those paradisical islands where you will always have a reason to return: Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote 

        Its capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, breathes movement, energy and the kind of liveliness you're looking for on any trip. From the Sercotel Parque Hotel, located 5 minutes from the famous Triana street, we offer you the city on a platter.  

        Its art and avant-garde are in the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno; its architectural know-how, in the Cathedral; the best you can ask for at a table, in the Mercado de Vegueta; and its history, in the Casas de Colón and Pérez Galdós.  

        In the north, Las Canteras boasts one of the best urban beaches in Spain. Everything happens on it. The arts are on show in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, tradition is rocked in the little fishing boats that rest on the shore and the bustle is generated on the terraces of the promenade.  

        When you arrive at the Sercotel Puerto de la Luz, we will encourage you to continue a little further north, to the Confital beach: wilder, more unspoiled, more Atlantic.  

        You might think you have it all in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but you still have a long way to go. Go out there and enjoy yourself, but take it easy, because time moves at a different pace here. 

        Gran Canaria: the gateway to Las Palmas  

        The interior of Gran Canaria is pure forest green, with the occasional concession to the white and coloured houses of the villages that dot its terrain.  

        There are those such as Teror, much loved by the islanders for its heritage and as the home of its patron saint, the Virgen del Pino; Tejeda, which daily defies the vertigo of the surrounding peaks; or Artenara, which offers spectacular views over the island. 

        Las Palmas

        Fuerteventura and Lanzarote: black or white in Las Palmas

        It will be hard for you to find any spot in Gran Canaria that is not photogenic. The proof of this is Roque Nublo. Situated at an altitude of 1,800 metres, when you reach the base of this imposing monolith, you can play at finding the frames that highlight its spectacular nature.  

        The beaches here are best in the south, in Maspalomas, where huge dunes cover an area of 400 hectares, sunshine is guaranteed almost all year round and there are waves to suit all tastes. If you get lost, look for the lighthouse: it is 55 metres tall and has been pointing the way since 1890.  

        Fuerteventura is synonymous with long sandy beaches of such pure white that on sunny days the reflection is even annoying.  

        On this island, your trip will be spent in the open air, among nature and fishing villages, such as El Cotillo, where you will find the relaxed life you need before any adventure. You can't come to Fuerteventura without trying your hand at catching waves. Corralejo or Jandía are perfect for surfing.  

        Undoubtedly, Lanzarote brings a change of colour to a trip to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It couldn't be more volcanic and that makes it a fascinating blackish brown.  

        The mantle of rocks in Timanfaya National Park is a spectacle that is difficult to see elsewhere, and this rugged character is accentuated in natural wonders such as Los Hervideros, where the sea roars. A little further south, the Papagayo beach, with its turquoise waters and large cliffs, will appear before you just as you have seen it in the photos.  

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