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        Hotels in Vigo (1)

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        Vigo: the secrets of the city on Ría

        Arrive, leave your suitcase at our hotels in Vigo near the beach and start your stay with a dip in the sea. Where? On Bouzas beach or Santa Baia beach, 10 minutes by car from your home in the city. A little further on, long stretches of sand such as Samil beach await you. It is from this beach that you will have your first glimpse of the paradise on Earth that is the Cíes Islands.  

        Located at the entrance to the Ría de Vigo , to reach them, you must take one of the ferries that cover the route between the city and the islands of Monte Agudo and O Faro during the summer and Easter.  

        You will realise that its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters have nothing to envy to those of the Caribbean itself and you will be torn between exploring the islands by following one of its hiking trails or delighting in a beautiful seabed like few others.  

        Expert level tips? Book your place in advance because the number of people who can visit the Cíes Islands is limited. Oh, and when you're there, don't settle for Rhodes Beach, go one step further.  

        If this has left you speechless, at the end of the day, we'll be waiting for you at our hotels in Vigo (Galicia) to tell you everything the city still has to offer.  

        Have everything at hand with our hotels in Vigo

        The Sercotel hotels in Vigo are located in the Old Town, an area of squares with arcades and cobblestone streets where you can stroll around feeling a bit of the neighbourhood life that you can still breathe here.  

        On your way you'll come across monuments such as the Co-cathedral-Basilica of Santa María de Vigo. If you can't find it, don't ask for it like this. Here it is known as La Colegiata. 

        Hoteles en Vigo

        A bit of relaxation in our hotels in Vigo with jacuzzi in the room

        It is close to Praza Porta do Sol, the place where everything happens or, at least, where almost everyone passes by. This point serves as a link between the historic quarter and the Ensanche. Look for the Siren, a sculpture symbolising the union of man and the sea. 


        You've probably wandered into Rúa do Príncipe, Vigo's shopping street, without even realising it. Take a stroll around, browse the shops and stop in the windows. But keep your strength up: the climb to Monte do Castro awaits you. This mountain was the birthplace of what is now Vigo, back in the 2nd and 3rd centuries B.C. From the top you can see the estuary, a sunset like few others, and it's the place where the little ones and your furry friends will enjoy running around and playing.  


        Didn't we tell you? Vigo is a city to come with the family. In addition, our hotels in Vigo allow dogs and we offer different accommodation options that make us the hotels in Vigo for children par excellence. Visit the city, soak it up and enjoy it. Marvel at its nooks and crannies, be surprised by details such as the fact that there is a place known as the oyster street. Visit it and try this delicacy from the Ría de Vigo in any of its establishments. 


        Do all this and more, but don't forget to rest, to enjoy what we can offer you in our charming hotels in Vigo. Put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your door and forget the world. 

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