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        Hotels in Burgos (1)

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        Burgos: come for the Cathedral and stay for everything else

        Little is said about Burgos, one of the nine provinces of Castilla y León, for all that it has to offer. To begin with, a provincial capital where the architecture works its magic to the point of astounding you. To follow, a festival of villages displaying the charm of their sturdy, robust little houses used to withstanding whatever is thrown at them. And, take note, in these parts it is often said that "there are nine months of winter and three months of hell".  

        Its nature, much more abrupt, lush and green than one might think if one has in mind the famous book Campos de Castilla written by Antonio Machado, gives a good account of the inclemency of the weather. And, to finish, I would just like to tell you that we have not yet talked about its gastronomy or the wines of Ribera del Duero.  

        You will arrive in Burgos expecting to find its Cathedral. We nuance, hoping to meet you with the spires of his Cathedral. It has been standing for more than 800 years, breathes Gothic on all four sides and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. If you come with your family, look for the Flycatcher. The little ones are always amused to see how this figure opens and closes his mouth while ringing the bells.  

        We would say that the cathedral shares the limelight with the rest of the city's attractions, but that would be a lie. Even so, it is ceded for a while to the Museum of Human Evolution (MEH), the Monastery of Santa María la Real de las Huelgas, the Cartuja de Miraflores and a castle from which to enjoy a panoramic view of Burgos and all that lies beyond. Take note: the Sercotel Corona de Castilla Hotel is located in the city centre. Can you imagine waking up and in five minutes taking in the beauty of the Cathedral? Yes, it is possible.   

        Travelling through Burgos from village to village 

        In Burgos, time passes at the pace set by the maximum speed of the secondary roads that you will travel to reach its villages. It is also the one set by its inhabitants, who don't want to know much about the rush of the big city. Listen to them, they know a thing or two about it.  

        Enjoy a stroll through the cobbled streets of Covarrubias. It is not just any old place: illustrious figures such as Count Fernán González, Doña Urraca and El Cid Campeador walked here before you.  

        Listen to the sound of the Ebro as it passes through Orbaneja del Castillo or Frías, where the water has been playing at creating tuffs, waterfalls and streams all its life. The hanging houses of Frías and the image of its castle built on a rocky outcrop are best left for you to discover for yourself. 

        We have already told you: little is known about Burgos. Even The Good, the Bad and the Ugly were spent time here. They stopped in Santo Domingo de Silos. Not because of its famous monastery, but because the fictitious cemetery was recreated in this village for the final scene of the film. An association has reconstructed it and it can be visited.  

        Of course, leave some time in your trip to visit the Atapuerca Mountains. 


        In Burgos they eat suckling lamb and toast with Ribera del Duero wine

        There are many wineries dotted around the province. There are private wine cellars, caves dug in the ground to keep their own wine at a good temperature. And there are big ones, with hectares of vineyards under their care and with one objective in mind: to make the best Ribera del Duero possible so that their wine is the one you uncork to accompany a good suckling lamb. Where? We can think of many coordinates, but we choose Aranda de Duero, where there are many restaurants that have been serving this delicacy for decades. We'll take care of the siesta. In our hotels in Burgos we always have everything ready for you. 

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