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        Vitoria, the perfect destination for lovers of history, gastronomy... and nature!

        There are few cities like Vitoria. The reason? It's a place that offers the best of a big city, full of heritage, experiences and amenities of all kinds, and the best of a rural destination, thanks to its extensive network of natural spaces.


        But let's start at the beginning, with its beautiful historic centre, which is a pleasure to walk through. Quiet, spacious, comfortable and full of spectacularly preserved buildings, Vitoria's old quarter will have you switching on your mobile phone camera at every turn. Known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and green urban spaces. The city centre boasts the historic Old Town, featuring landmarks like the Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, a central square surrounded by charming pintxos bars. Vitoria-Gasteiz holds the title of the European Green Capital for 2012, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability with extensive parks and environmentally friendly initiatives.


        Impressive Renaissance palaces and picturesque medieval houses on cobbled streets await you there. The area is also home to the beautiful Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria, the inspiration for Ken Follet's famous Pillars of the Earth. Classified as a World Heritage Site, it is known as the 'old cathedral', as there is another more modern one: the neo-Gothic cathedral of María Inmaculada de Vitoria.


        The latter is about a ten-minute walk away, facing the enchanting gardens of Florida Park, with its labyrinthine paths, grottoes, waterfalls, little bridges and huge century-old trees. Staying in our charming hotels in Vitoria Gasteiz centre, you will be able to comfortably enjoy the beautiful walk between the two.

        Two minutes away from the greenest nature!

        This is not just a figure of speech: two and a half minutes is the time it takes to walk to a green area from any point in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Proof of the extraordinary figure is the many such areas within the urban fabric, but above all an unusual fact.


        Yes, because several years ago Vitoria decided to transform its periphery into a natural space, turning it into what is now known as the Green Belt. This area has several areas of high ecological value, such as the Salburua wetlands and the Zadorra river. In fact, it even serves as a refuge for globally endangered species such as the European mink.

        Hoteles en Vitoria

        Nothing like discovering the city and its surroundings like choosing hotels in Vitoria with parking 

        Thanks to all this, you will be able to go around the city on a circular route of more than 30 kilometres, the Green Belt Tour. This is a pleasant walk through the natural belt that embraces Vitoria-Gasteiz, where you will find comfortable rest areas, observation areas and groves of trees perfect for hiking. Sounds like the perfect trip to take with your pet!


        And the good news is that yes, it is! The city is known for welcoming pets with open arms and, in fact, we offer you the possibility of staying in our hotels in Vitoria and surroundings with them. We will pamper you and your best friend to the maximum, so that you can enjoy the holiday you deserve together.


        What do we need to finish describing the magic of Vitoria? Take, for example, the Ensanche area, the perfect place to explore charming old shops and buy the best local products... or eat them on the spot! Developed in the 19th and 20th centuries, this neighborhood offers a contrast to the medieval charm of the Old Town, featuring a mix of residential and commercial areas, making it a dynamic part of the city.


        Because, as in the rest of the Basque Country, Vitoria is also a good place to eat. Very good. So good that going out for pintxos is the sport par excellence in the city -with apologies to Basque pelota-.


        To make sure you don't miss it, head for Prado Street, and don't miss Sagartoki, where you can try Senén's omelette, prepared by the chef who won the award for the best omelette in Spain. And, for dessert, any of the confections from Confituras Goya, a confectioner's shop that has been revered by the locals for over a century. We'll take care of the siesta.


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