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        Salamanca: lots of life beyond the Plaza Mayor

        Salamanca, the capital of this province of Castile and León, has promised you a view of one of the most beautiful Plazas Mayores (main squares) in Spain. It will keep its promise. And it will do so with more besides, because it will also serve as a gateway to everything that this region has to offer.  

        Before leaving the city behind, climb to the top of the cathedral, enjoy the views and look for the astronaut carved into the stone of its façade on your way down.  

        Do the same with the famous university frog; will you be able to find it? Ok, here’s a tip; it’s on a skull on the façade of the Escuelas Mayores building.  

        You won’t have any trouble finding our hotels in the city. The Sercotel Las Torres de Salamanca is located in the Plaza Mayor. Yes, we know, it’s a privilege to open our doors in such a location every day. Our advice? Before you come back to sleep here, take a stroll around the square. It’s more beautiful than ever at night.  

        The Sercotel Puerta de la Catedral is located next to this place of worship. So close to it that you’ll be able to start your day watching the sunrise over the cathedral from some of the rooms.  

        Now move away from the centre, cross the Roman Bridge over the Tormes and get ready to discover everything that the province has to offer.

        Villages and nature around Salamanca

        The towns of Salamanca need no introduction and they won’t cease to amaze you. Their fame precedes them, but they’ve managed to keep their secrets well-guarded. Did you know that the houses in Mogarraz boast painted portraits of their residents? 

        You’ll come to Mogarraz in La Sierra de Francia, seven kilometres from La Alberca. The fact that this municipality became the first Spanish town to be declared a Historical Site in 1940 is an indication of its charm. And we’ll drawn your attention even more if we tell you that it serves as an antechamber to the Batuecas Valley. 


        Salamanca ham

        Ciudad Rodrigo will welcome you with the skyline of its fortress. Its sturdy walls protect an interior in which you’ll come to palaces, ancestral homes and the cathedral; if you think the latter is impressive on the outside, wait until you go inside.  

        Nearby, in the Arribes del Duero Natural Park, you can see how the river Douro becomes the Douro as it flows into Portugal. What nature, what ravines and what a way to discover them as you walk along the Camino de Hierro. Amazing bridges creating incredible landscapes.  

        And, of course, we wanted to mention Béjar, a town that’s mediaeval to the core. Ah, you already knew that. Its Hombres de Musgo (Moss Men) too? We’re referring to the residents who use this vegetation each year to dress up and accompany the Corpus Christi procession.

        You may not know Guijuelo. But you’ll get to know the products of the region. Such as the ham. Just thinking about it will make your mouth water. We know. Visiting Guijuelo is all about visiting the place where this delicacy came into being.  

        In the area they’ve created a route on which you’ll come to the wineries and learn more about their production process and the tradition that goes with it, and, of course, you’ll taste the Iberian ham that’s taken you there.  

        Less well-known to outsiders is the hornazo of Salamanca. This is made of greased bread dough stuffed with chorizo, ham, pork loin or marinated meat.  

        When you arrive at the Sercotel Artheus Carmelitas Salamanca we’ll tell you where to try the best one. And, while we’re at it, we’ll encourage you to take a stroll around the nearby Barrio del Oeste. Its street art provides proof that they have a fixation with decorating façades in Salamanca.

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