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        Hotels in Algeciras (1)

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        Algeciras: an oasis by the Straits of Gibraltar

        Often ignored, sometimes forgotten, Algeciras is - without a doubt - one of the most singular and unknown cities in the south. And yet, when it comes to talking about it, we can think of many more adjectives with which to define it. For example? On the border: bathed by two waters, those of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic; and embraced by two continents, Europe and Africa. Moreover, this little corner of the Campo de Gibraltar exudes a certain exotic aura - here's another one - it has been reflected for centuries in both its history and its culture.


        We're not going to mislead you, Algeciras is not beautiful at first sight: don't be mistaken, to marvel at its charms you have to give it time. You will discover that, beyond its immense port, the second busiest in the Mediterranean, it hides narrow streets full of charm, photogenic little squares and monuments that you should not miss.


        A heritage that the special ones - that's how the people of Algeciras are affectionately called - boast about and that competes in attractiveness with the coastal landscape of the city: an authentic paradise for geology and ornithology enthusiasts, which we are also going to tell you about, don't worry.

        Don't think twice: stay in our hotel in Algeciras

        Because there is nothing like starting with the origins to understand the idiosyncrasy of a place, the best thing to do is to stay at our hotel in Algeciras center. You'll be just a stone's throw away from the historic centre. A city centre with its legendary Plaza Alta.


        Want to look like the locals? Find your place on one of its benches, decorated with Triana tiles that imitate those of the Plaza de España in Seville, and enjoy observing the most everyday scenes.

        Hoteles en Algeciras

        Stay at our hotel in Algeciras to explore the coastal area

        In front of you, you will see the Chapel of Nuestra Señora de Europa which, built in 1690, is the oldest building in Algeciras. Also the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Palma, built with the stones taken from the medieval wall that once encircled the city.


        Further up, you'll come across the San Isidro neighbourhood, the most traditional of them all: as you stroll along its slopes, between houses painted pure white and filled with pots of colourful flowers, you'll feel like you're in a white Andalusian village. We also tell you that because it is in the highest part of the city and has good views, it served as a home for the Getares shotgun unit that protected the area from pirate attacks.


        We already told you: the most special city in the Campo de Gibraltar also has a surprising coastline that is in itself reason enough to visit it. This is thanks to flysch, those unusual geological formations created over millions of years by the Earth's tectonic movements, so popular in the north, but also found in the south. But watch out for the tides: you will only be able to see them when the tide is low.


        And while we're here, keep your eyes peeled, because if you like walking, there is a wonderful hiking route of just 2.5 kilometres that links the Punta Carnero lighthouse with Getares beach.


        This tour will be particularly tempting if you are a birdwatching enthusiast. The reason? Many of the crabs and shrimps that inhabit the flysch are a delicacy for marine birds and migratory birds that stop here to recharge their batteries on their journey between Europe and Africa. So don't forget your binoculars!

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