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        Hotels in Cartagena (2)

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        Cartagena: the city that wasn't built in a day either

        Five minutes in the historic centre of Cartagena are enough to prove that, like Rome, far from being built in a day, this Murcian city bears the traces of many times and cultures. What was an essential stop centuries ago because of its strategic position, is now an essential stop because of its historical appeal that invites you to stay at least one night. Where? In one of our hotels in the centre of Cartagena. 


        To understand and explore the city it is important to first learn about its role in history. The Carthaginians founded it in 227 BC as Qart Hadast and made it the Punic capital of the peninsula, attracted by its location and its silver mines. The Romans renamed it almost 20 years later as Carthago Nova, which was one of the main ports of the Mediterranean. During the period of Al-Andalus it was known as Qartayannat al-Halfa until the reconquest in 1245.  


        The result of this cultural mix is that during your stroll through the city you will come across, almost without realising it, marvels such as the Roman Theatre of Cartagena, now a museum and magically integrated into the urban fabric of the city. Enter it from calle Doctor Tapia Martínez and climb the stairs slowly: they are the best way to get  to see what awaits you when you reach the first stop. Spoiler: the panoramic view of this monument from the Cornice Park. The second is from the Castillo de la Concepción, today converted into an Interpretation Centre for the History of Cartagena, as well as an excellent green area in which to stroll. 

        Leave the car and choose hotels in Cartagena city centre

        By now you may already suspect it, but we confirm that it's best to forget about the car. The city is a one to walk around, whether among Roman ruins or by the sea.  


        Hoteles en Cartagena

        Our hotels in Cartagena near the beach are the perfect starting point

        Our hotels in Cartagena have an exceptional location that is easy to get to without complications; leave your suitcases and start getting to know the city. Nearby, for example, are the remains of the Punic Wall and the Roman Forum Museum.  


        You can't leave Cartagena without visiting its promenade and port. A heads up to sailors: it is home to the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (ARQUA) and the Naval Museum of Cartagena, the latter of which is world famous for housing Isaac Peral's submarine.  


        And speaking of museums... did you know that Cartagena also has one dedicated to the Spanish Civil War built inside an old bomb shelter? There is a lot of Cartagena to discover. The idea of extending your stay for several days in our hotels in Cartagena is justified: you will want to enjoy the incredible beaches of the Costa Cálida (in general) and Calblanque Beach, one of the least known and least spoilt wonders of Spain (in particular).  


        But Cartagena's list of natural monuments has only just begun. This municipality also includes the beautiful Cabo de Palos, with its beaches and coves, and Calblanque National Park, which can be enjoyed regardless of the season, because if there is one thing this area has, it is an excellent climate all year round. 


        Still want more? If you go in summer, remember that the lagoon La Manga del Mar Menor is only 30 minutes away by car, as is the city of Murcia. Not that you need any excuses to travel, but just in case, we've given you a few. We will tell you the rest when you ask us at the reception of our hotels in Cartagena city.  

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