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        Hotels in Orihuela (1)

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        Orihuela, where have you been all this time?

        Orihuela, almost on the border between Alicante and Murcia, is one of those totally unknown places that hide fascinating gems just waiting to be discovered. 

        To do so, we offer you our hotel in Orihuela centre, where you can organise productive business meetings close to the beach and a great monumental heritage, but from where you will also want to take a stroll to enjoy the many attractions of this town in Alicante. 

        You can start by experiencing the poetry of the great Miguel Hernández, an illustrious native of Orihuela, whose House-Museum, where he lived between 1914 and 1934, is one of the essential visits in the city.  

        Worthy of his verses are the convents and palaces, the arches and churches, and, in short, all those monuments that give Orihuela that halo of lordliness and majesty that you will feel at every step. 

        The Episcopal HQ of Alicante is rich in heritage, but it also has more than 15 km of coastline which, from Punta Prima to Punta del Cuervo, is lined with beaches and coves of all kinds. 

        And Orihuela is also a market garden. An orchard where oranges and lemons shine like gold. A vegetable garden that is the basis of an enviable gastronomy. 

        From our hotel in Orihuela to a real open-air museum

        Our hotel in Orihuela is located in an 18th century palace and this is just a sample of the historical and monumental importance of a city which, as well as being the Episcopal see of the province of Alicante, has always played an important role in the Valencian region. 

        Occupied by Romans, Byzantines, Visigoths and Muslims, Orihuela seems to have retained a little bit of each of these civilisations. 

        Hoteles en Orihuela

        There is a beach here! And just a short distance from our hotel in Orihuela

        Passing through the arch of Santo Domingo, you enter a historic quarter that offers such pearls as Orihuela Cathedral, the church of Santas Justa and Rufina, the old castle and the 16th century convent of Santo Domingo, which had the honour of being the first university established in Valencia and of housing the first Spanish national library. 

        The library was probably home to some books of poems by Miguel Hernández from Orihuela. His House-Museum, which still has its original small bed, has an orchard where the fig tree, under whose shade the poet used to read and write, stands proud and beautiful.  

        But Hernández's soul is most intensely felt in the working-class neighbourhood of San Isidro. There you will find an open-air book. The colourful façades of its buildings are painted with the poet's verses. It began to be done in 1976 and every March, the month of his death, new murals are created. 

        If you like nature and open spaces, you can't miss the Orihuela palm grove, the second largest in Europe, second only to that of the nearby town of Elche. 

        Afterwards, all you have to do is return to our hotel in Orihuela to put on your swimming costume, grab your towel and discover the fantastic beaches and coves that Orihuela's coastline has to offer. 

        In the area of Cala Mosca you will find unspoilt coves under rock cliffs of ochre and reddish tones. It is an undeveloped area, perfect for snorkelling or walking along the aerial path that connects the coves. 

        The most beautiful water is to be found at Cala Capitán, a sandy stretch of just over 150 metres licked by turquoise waters; while La Zenia, La Caleta and Aguamarina are three of Orihuela's best urban beaches. 

        The road to Punta de la Glea offers wonderful views and access to hidden beaches, such as Fósil beach. 

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