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        Hotels in Alcoy (1)

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        Alcoy: a pearl among the Alicante mountains

        Most travellers who visit the province of Alicante think that they will only find beaches and beautiful coastal towns. However, inland Alicante hides unknown gems that are well worth a visit. This is the case of Alcoy, which combines a fascinating industrial heritage with an enviable natural environment, a peculiar gastronomy and unique cultural traditions. 


        A tour of Alcoy's industrial heritage is a must. You may not know that this city took on the challenge of being the productive locomotive of the Valencian Community during the Industrial Revolution.You will also be within walking distance of the city centre, its old factories and workshops, and you will find yourself between the trees in the dense forests of the Font Roja Natural Park. 


        If you have a choice of dates for your visit to Alcoy, try to fit them in with the celebration of one of the city's two major festivals: Christmas and the Moors and Christians (April). You can enjoy them while you spend a few days relaxing in our hotel in Alcoy. 

        You can look for the Three Wise Men from our hotels in Alcoy, where Christmas is magic

        When Christmas approaches, the atmosphere becomes magical in Alcoy. The streets are filled with lights and atmosphere, and people attend the many parades and entertainments offered by Christmas in Alcoy with their families and with great enthusiasm. 


        Have you ever seen a dramatised nativity scene with puppets? Tirisiti's Nativity Scene is like that and has been entertaining children and adults with its magical realism for more than a century. 



        We encourage you to visit it from our hotels in Alcoy

        The puppets represent the flight of Mary and Joseph, the birth of Jesus and then Tirisiti appears, a kind of anti-hero who makes the audience whistle, sing and participate. Even scenes from the Moors and Christians festivities are mixed in. A real Alcoyana-style madness. 

        Then it's time for you to visit the Three Wise Men's camp, which is located on the Preventorio, a hill about 5 kilometres from the centre of Alcoy. There, the pages and secretaries of Their Majesties will take note of the children's requests. 

        The afternoons of the 4th and 5th of January are full of magic, with the parades of the Bando Real and the Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men. The latter is the oldest in Spain and you will be surprised when you discover that people from all over the country come to visit it. 

        Alcoy is Christmas and Moors and Christians, but it's not all fun and games. Alcoy also worked very hard to become the main centre of the Industrial Revolution in the area. 

        Nowadays, you can visit the curious industrial heritage of Alcoy on a 16-stop tourist route. A good base for exploring it on foot is our hotel in Alcoy centre. 

        Following the route you will see impressive buildings such as the old Bank of Spain, the Chamber of Commerce, the Casa de la Bolla (or Real Fábrica de Paños de Alcoy) and several old dye, paper and other factories where the brick chimneys still stand, as if recalling a golden age that is long gone. 

        The narrow, humble houses of the working-class neighbourhood of Alcoy were built on a plot of land that served as a clothesline for the Real Fábrica de Paños (Royal Cloth Factory). They were five or six storeys high and the rooms of the same family were scattered over different floors. The staircase was a hive of communal life. Walking through it is like going through what used to be Alcoy in its purest form. 

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