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        Hotels in Sitges (1)

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        Sitges: Mediterranean beauty par excellence

        Sitges is a charming town on the Catalan coast located about 40 kilometres from Barcelona. It's pretty, very pretty. Its beauty is enhanced even more if possible, if you reach it driving along the bends of the Garraf. Take the C-31, roll down the window and feel the breeze on your face.


        Along the way, the silhouettes of steep cliffs will appear and disappear, and the bright blue of the endless Mediterranean will constantly accompany you.


        Sitges is very beautiful. Its almost pristine white historic centre is due to its character as an old fishing village; but beware, there is also room for colour. Modernism did not resist leaving its mark here. You can check it out at the Cau Ferrat. This museum is located in the former home and studio of the painter Santiago Rusiñol and, in addition to his works, you'll find a few surprises with a name of their own: El Greco, Zuloaga and Picasso.


        You can find out a little more about the artistic heritage of the municipality at the Maricel Museum, whose collection spans from the 10th to the 20th century and is constantly growing. And if that sounds good enough, wait until you contemplate its architecture, with the Sant Miquel tower and the bridge that crosses the street to connect it with the Maricel Palace.


        The Modernism we were telling you about is this way. Visit the halls of the Palace and its terraces, don't miss any detail of the decoration, but above all, go to the cloister. What a view over the Mediterranean!


        Surprised? Then check in at our hotels in Sitges (Barcelona), leave your bags and stop by reception so we can tell you everything you still have to see.

        Do you want a special getaway?

        Such an idyllic location requires accommodation to match. For aesthetics, of course, but also for comfort and location. We suggest you start your mornings by opening the windows and looking at the sea: our beachfront hotels in Sitges are right on the beach front. Going out and setting foot on the Paseo Marítimo is one and the same.


        In general, the beaches of Sitges are perfect for families. Its coastline is divided into coves of manageable size and its waters are calm. We especially like Barra beach, where the little ones enjoy looking for crabs on the breakwaters.


        At the Ribera beach, you can rent water skates with a slide; and at the Anquines beach, your castles in the sand and peaceful baths are guaranteed. The two breakwaters are responsible for this, almost completely enclosing it, making waves practically non-existent.


        Hoteles en Sitges

        The perfect getaway at your fingertips in our hotels in Sitges town centre

        Next to one of these coves, La Fragata, you will see a set of steps, the steps of La Punta. It ascends parallel to the sea. Climb it. If you're lucky, when you get to the top, right in the little square of the Church of San Bartolomeo and Santa Tecla, you may come across a group of castellers raising a castell (human tower).


        With or without castellers, you will have reached the postcard of the town, that emblematic place that appears in all the photographs. Its interior houses Baroque altarpieces from the 17th century and its side has a cannon. Don't worry, it doesn't fire. It is only a replica of those that once did. And after this hot excursion, come and dive into our hotel in Sitges with swimming pool.


        Sitges is not short of surprises. Did we tell you that it has its own Mermaid? It may not be as talked about as the one in Copenhagen, but it has a raised hand that visitors play high-five with. 

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