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        Hotels in Figueres (1)

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        Figueres, Dalí's playground

        Figueres, the birthplace of genius Salvador Dalí, is a unique place in the world. Located in the beautiful Alt Empordà region, just a stone's throw from the Costa Brava, this city in Girona has been greatly shaped by the figure and works of this extraordinary artist.  


        You'll see for yourself when you visit the Dalí Theatre Museum. This place was conceived by Dalí himself, an icon of surrealism, to house a large part of his work, which was to be built on the remains of the former municipal theatre. So the building is one quarter museum and three quarters theatre. And what a show it is. In the central atrium, which will welcome you, is the largest surrealist installation in the world: Rainy Taxi, where you can pay just one euro to watch it raining endlessly inside.


        Inside, the building will awaken otherworldly emotions in you thanks to extravagant creations in the form of hanging cars flying over the heads of visitors or rooms that, among other things, create optical illusions.  

        Explore all the corners of the town

        Although it's part of the old wall of Figueres, the Galatea Tower will quickly catch your eye because of its pink colour and its exceptionally large 'dinosaur' eggs. You will also be surprised by its decoration with typical Empordà bread rolls.  

        This building was named after Gala, Dalí's wife, although it is also known as the Torre Gorgot. It was here that the artist lived the last years of his life, having retired after the death of his wife.  


        Hoteles en Figueres

        Experience the essence of Modernism in our hotel in Figueres

        Another defensive monument that you will enjoy visiting in Figueres is the Castell de Sant Ferran. It is the largest bastioned fortress in Europe, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and listed as a Historic-Artistic Monument. Incidentally, it was there that Dalí did his military service. Inside the walls, there are several memorable spots you can't miss, such as the Town Hall square, remodelled in neoclassical style. You'll also find the buildings in this style in the area, including Casa Bonaterra, Casa del Cafè Progrés and Casa Polideseia, truly Instagram-worthy. Oh, and don't forget to visit the picturesque surroundings of Carrer Magre, where the Jewish quarter was located.  


        When you see it, you'll want to stroll about. The Rambla de Figueres is a lively shopping street, the backbone of the city. It is also home to the most ambitious architectural projects of the 19th and 20th centuries, most of which were promoted by the booming local bourgeoisie of the time.  


        This inland corner of the Costa Brava boasts an abundance of modernist buildings, some interesting examples of which are Casa Cusí, the Casa Puig-Soler and Casa Salleras. , Several are concentrated on Carrer Monturiol. In fact, the artist was born on what is now number 20. 


        Figueres' many attractions are only matched by its exceptional location near other towns along the Costa Brava, making it perfect for travellers eager to discover beautiful landscapes. If you're looking for a seaside town with beautiful beaches, head for Colera. In Llançà, stroll around its lively marina. For a bit more surrealism, visit Cadaqués, where you'll find the Salvador Dalí House-Museum; and you'll particularly enjoy the Romanesque monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, in El Port de la Selva. But don't forget to come back to sleep. We'll be waiting for you at our hotel in Figueres.  



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